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The Can Opener Gourmet®

 by Laura Karr

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Welcome to The Can Opener Gourmet®

No time to make dinner? Don't own all the fancy cooking gadgets? Love camping, boating or "prepping" for a power outage? The Canopener Gourmet® was one of the first cookbooks devoted to making great food fast using only those ingredients found in the average kitchen cupboard. Those easy and delicious recipes are the reason it's still around today.

What Expensive Cooking Schools Don't Want You to Know:

  • Canned foods are nearly always additive free (I don't use many soups or any canned meals in my recipes--only foods that occur naturally)
  • Commercial canning destroys harmful bacteria and removes as much as 90% of the pesticide residues occasionally found in fresh produce
  • Canned foods retain the nutritional levels reached at the time of harvest
  • Canned foods keep virtually forever, offer a variety of foods in season or out, and are already washed, cooked, and prepared for use
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